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Moisture Meters

Living in one of the warmest and most humid areas in the world has its disadvantages. Moisture build-up can cause a lot of issues for your home, including:

  • Mould
  • Wood rot
  • Pests like termites
  • Strange smells
  • Discolouration
  • Fungal decay

Dunrite can detect any moisture or damp spots using a Tramex moisture meter on your gyprock or VJ timber walls, door jambs, window sills, and other surfaces routinely checked during an inspection. Damp areas can be an indication of active subterranean termites, or present a high risk that termites may be drawn to the area. Termites are attracted to moisture forming in wooden walls and floors, as well as leaking pipes and air conditioner units.

A moisture meter will detect high readings from areas in the home that can then be further expected for signs of active termite colonies. Areas marked as highly moist by the Tramex meter become a point of interest. The area is further investigated with a microwave tracking unit to identify movement behind the wall, or a borescope to obtain a visual analysis of the area if it is not accessible.

Termatrac Microwave Termite Tracking System

Dunrite uses a microwave termite tracking system (MTTS) created by Termatrac. The Termatrac MTTS offers a definitive answer to the presence of active subterranean termites without needing to cut a large square in the wall. The unobtrusive microwave beam is passed through the wall; if termites are present, the interruptions in the microwave beam will show on the monitor.

Termite tracking is an essential step to eliminating termites from the home. Termite tracks reveal how termites got into the home (entry points), as well as the regular paths they are using. This also reveals information about the damage they have caused and where they have been on the property. During a termite inspection, Dunrite will use the Termatrac MTTS to locate exactly where termites are if they are present in your home, office, garage, or outdoor location. The Termatrac MTTS is precise, accurate, and highly effective. Whether we are dealing with subterranean or drywood termites, this piece of equipment helps our technicians get the job Done Once, Dunrite!


Where necessary, we can make a 6mm hole in the wall and insert an optic fibre borescope into the wall cavity to visually identify evidence of termites. Subterranean termites usually strike from underneath a house, hiding in the walls and beams to consume wood. An exploratory borescope inspection into these impossible-to-see areas will reveal the extent of any invasion and the associated damage.

The damage termites inflict is underestimated by many home and business owners. A termite nest houses thousands of termites and they eat 24 hours per day. Termites can weaken the structural foundations of a house by eating away at beams, walls, and any timber fixtures they can sink their teeth into. Dunrite can help you identify and eliminate any potential termite intruders with the use of high-tech equipment, such as a borescope, which reveals information you would otherwise miss. A borescope inspection is important for ridding every trace of termites from your home and saving money in the long-run by avoiding unnecessary damage.

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