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Termite Inspection

Dunrite Wayne Moisture Meter

Dunrite’s termite inspection consists of a 1 hour long, non-invasive consultation. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your property or home without implementing any treatment methods – this includes inspection of the roof void and sub-floor where applicable. Our skilled technicians will compile a comprehensive report which will include photos, recommendations, and findings. We’ll use three main pieces of equipment: a sounding stick, moisture meters, and the Termatrac microwave tracking system.

To minimise the risk of termite invasion, an annual termite inspection is strongly recommended. All treatments completed as a result of an inspection come with warranty, but still require annual check-ups. For homes that are at a higher risk of termite ingress or invasion, a more frequent inspection is recommended – every 6 months ideally. The reports are packed with information about your property and how your home may be susceptible to pest infestation, but don’t worry! Our technicians are happy to answer any questions that may arise, and can run through the inspection report with you. Have queries about your inspection report? The team are on phone or email to clarify or answer any questions you may have.

Dunrite Termite Inspection

One of the strongest advantages of using Dunrite Termite & Pest Control is that you are using a local pest control business. We know Brisbane and Logan well and are able to identify potential and projected risk to your property based on where you live and what materials your home is made from. Dunrite technicians have years of industry knowledge and are trained to use the latest termite detecting technology.

There are many myths and misconceptions associated with termites and the spread of misinformation online. These can be harmful and generate wrong ideas about how to manage the presence of termites. If you find visual signs of termites around your property (such as mud tubes, live termites, wood damage, etc), you should:

  1. Not panic! It’s likely that the infestation has been there for some time; you are not in immediate danger.
  2. Contact Dunrite Termite & Pest Control to arrange your booking. We can have a technician attend to complete a free quotation for a termite barrier, or book your termite inspection for as little as $254.00.
  3. Receive your inspection report and / or termite management plan as advised by a Dunrite Technician (meet the team!).
  4. Follow-up every year with ongoing termite inspections to prevent termite ingress – don’t worry, our friendly team will send you a reminder each year when your service is due.

We are on the road six days a week, every week, to bring security to our community. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Get a Quote

Need a FAST & FREE quote? Our friendly team can provide on-the-spot quotes for many treatments, including pest control or termite inspections.

A technician can also complete a free mould remediation quote or free quote for a termite barrier (30 minute consultation). Click the link below or call us on 1300 737 378!

We TRUST Termidor! Dunrite have been operating for over 27+ years and have a 100% success rate using Termidor to treat termites!