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Lawn Grubs

Dunrite White Lawn Grubs

Are you a lawn lover? Do you take pride in the state of your property and yard? In South East Queensland, lawn grub invasions are common. Lawn grubs are the larvae of moths and often appear like chubby worms or caterpillars. Lawn grubs feed on leaves and lawn grass overnight, which can result in a ruined garden or brown patches of grass around the yard.

Dunrite offers state of the art lawn grub treatments and management plans. A pest inspection conducted by our technicians will detect any traces of lawn grubs that might be living on your property. It only takes days for lawn grubs to leave a noticeable impact on your grass. The damage left by lawn grubs is almost permanent and can take years to rebuild if left untreated. Having the infestation treated, or prevented, is the most efficient and economical way to save money, time, and your yard!

Dunrite Lawn Grubs

Call us today to arrange for our technicians to perform one of our lawn grub treatments. We are committed to protecting the beauty and integrity of your home.

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