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Dunrite Conducive to Pest Attack

Are you considering the purchase of a new property? It is important to inspect any property for pests and termites before the purchase has been finalised. Dunrite technicians are highly skilled and experienced in the industry, and are professionals when it comes to pre-purchase inspections. Following a thorough inspection, Dunrite will provide you with a report that has all the facts you will need to make your decision. It’s important not to leave a pest inspection to the last minute; for honest and experienced advice, Dunrite has you covered.

Termites can cause extensive damage to your home and property. From wooden foundations (if present) to wooden fixtures, such as window frames and furniture, and external fences and garden beds, termites can wreak a lot of havoc in a small amount of time. Despite their size, it only takes a short time for termites to weaken the structural integrity of your house, cause mould and moisture problems, and more. It is important not to overlook the importance of a professional pre-purchase pest inspection.

Dunrite Damage From Termites

Purchasing a property is already expensive and stressful; Dunrite technicians are here to offer reassurance and peace of mind by inspecting your intended house before any contracts are finalised. A professional pest inspection will find any lurking pest problems before irreparable damage is caused. Not all signs of pest invasion are large, and some are not visible at all, so that the only way the extent of the situation can be assessed is with professional pest technicians and high-grade technological equipment that can track difficult-to-find signs.

Another advantage of using a professional termite and pest service for your pre-purchase inspection is the preventative education we can provide! Dunrite can show you sections of the home that may be at risk, if not in immediate danger, as well as common ‘hot spots’ for pest infestation. This knowledge can then be used to safeguard those sections of the house or at least increase your vigilance so that you know what to expect during your next pest inspection.

Dunrite has years of experience when it comes to managing pre-purchase pest inspections and reports. We guarantee a job done once, Dunrite!

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Need a FAST & FREE quote? Our friendly team can provide on-the-spot quotes for many treatments, including pest control or termite inspections.

A technician can also complete a free mould remediation quote or free quote for a termite barrier (30 minute consultation). Click the link below or call us on 1300 737 378!

We TRUST Termidor! Dunrite have been operating for over 27+ years and have a 100% success rate using Termidor to treat termites!