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Termite Baiting

Dunrite Termite ATBS Baiting

Termite baiting is achieved through the positioning of ‘baiting stations’ that are spaced evenly about the yard, encircling your property. The baits themselves are about the size of a small takeaway coffee cup and sit in a tube which sits below the ground.

The only part of the Trelona bait station that can be seen is the grey and black cap which is no wider than 15cm and very unobtrusive. The Trelona ATBS are designed to minimise intrusiveness around your yard and to blend in as seamlessly as possible. They are embedded in the soil, targeting termites where they travel most often: underground!

Image sourced from and copyrighted to © BASF SE
Image sourced from and copyrighted to © BASF SE

At Dunrite, we offer the Trelona ATBS termite baiting technology as a termite management program. This Advanced Termite Baiting System (ATBS) has been developed by BASF so that it can be used in conjunction with Termidor Residual termiticide and Termidor high-efficiency termiticide. This means that we can use the best termite treatment currently available to ensure your home is protected.

Termite baiting is a great way to prevent termite invasion in your home where we are not able to complete our preferred chemical barrier techniques, such as drilling and injecting or trenching and treating with Termidor.

Dunrite will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and determine the best course of action for a termite management program — completely tailored and individualised to your home and situation. We set up ATBS stations at 3 metre intervals around your property. Dunrite Termites and Pest control back that Termite baiting should be used in conjunction with other termite treatment methods, such as chemical barriers, for complete effectiveness. Prior to 2021 we have not offered baiting as an option; BASF have provided us with an effective method and options to be able to recommend baiting to our customers.

Check out more from the official BASF website below!

Termite Baiting Gallery (via BASF)

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