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Chemical Barrier Installation

The installation of a chemical barrier is done to Australian Standard 3660-2000 and above. Trenches are dug down to the foundations of the property, approximately 300mm wide for the first 50-80mm, and then 150mm wide below this. The tapered trench provides both horizontal and vertical protection around the building. Any pavers against the house are lifted out of the way and neatly put aside so the trench can be cleared without interference.

Once dug, the trench is doused with Termiticide chemicals (Termidor). This process involves soaking the soil in chemical, partially refilling it, and soaking it again so that multiple layers of the dirt are thoroughly laced with Termidor. Once the soil is flooded with Termidor, the final layer is back-filled and raked to an even and presentable flatness that preserves the appearance of your yard. At the top layer, chemical is sprayed approximately 1 metre out to extend the horizontal protection the trench offers. The amount of chemical used depends on the depth of the trench. On average, a 300mm trench is standardised at five litres of Termidor per lineal metre. Dunrite will use around eight to ten litres per lineal metre in order to ensure total coverage.

If you have additional concrete paths or slabs adjoining the building, we drill a 10mm bit through to the soil every 200mm, making sure that all bits are done approximately 150mm from the wall. A 250mm spear is passed through these holes and into the soil so we can pressure inject chemical (100PSI) via a lateral dispersion tip at 10 litres per lineal metre. The holes are plugged and sealed with translucent silicon, cement, sand mix, or coloured plastic plugs. By disguising the small holes, we ensure that the appearance of your home and yard is preserved.

Following installation, clean up of the areas is conducted. All garden areas are left in the best possible condition, all pavers are left with the client to be re-laid, all rubble is removed, any sand used is treated, all paths are swept or hosed clean, and a visual assessment of the system is carried out by the Dunrite technician. We will guide you through all parts of the process and ensure that you know what to expect during and following chemical barrier installation. We will also provide information on any other risk factors noted in your home, such as leaking water pipes or other maintenance issues conducive to termite invasion.


The Trelona Advance Termite Bait System (ATBS), developed by BASF, is powered by a novel active ingredient Novaluron. Trelona is an efficient baiting system that requires less bait in order to eliminate termite colonies and keep your property safe.

The ATBS station holds up to 248 grams of bait and encourages quick feeding from termites. Trelona is intended for ongoing subterranean termite control. The ATBS is comprised of the following elements:

  • Trelona Bait Cartridge: Contains the same Puri-cell formulation as the monitoring cartridge, but with the active ingredient Novaluron. Novaluron, when ingested by termites, prevents the insects from synthesising chitin. Chitin is important for forming termite exoskeletons; with this impaired, the termite colonies quickly perish.
  • Trelona Key: Used for stationaccess by removing and installing lids atop the module. It has teeth to grip the lid and a handle for pull access.
  • Trelona Lid: Seals the station shut and can be easily replaced with the help of a key.
  • Trelona Station: Empty frame for the station, long and thin, wide enough to hold the Trelona cartridges.
  • Trelona Station Complete: Complete station with cartridges inserted and lid closing the top of the unit.
  • Trelona Inspection Cartridge: Used in conjunction with the bait cartridge. This is the monitoring cartridge that contains Puri-cell tablets formulated with cellulous. This attracts the termites as a preferred food source. The cartridge works alongside the Trelona timber insert to draw termites in and keep them busy ingesting the bait chemicals.
  • Trelona Timber Insert: Sourced from premium wood and with built-in grooves, the timber insert forms the point of contact between the bait and the soil where termites can feed from the station.
  • Trelona ATBS Kit: An entire kit containing 16 pre-loaded ATBS containing 2 x 124g Trelona bait cartridges. This kit includes everything for the active installation of the application stations. The baits are ready to be inserted into the ground, pre-assembled with no additional unwrapping or set-up.

For more information on Trelona ATBS, please download the technical guide. A termite baiting system should always be installed by professionals, so please get in touch with our friendly team if you have any queries or concerns!

Termx Replenishment System (TRS)

A Termx Replenishment System (TRS) is a hose that is buried into a dug trench around the perimeter of the home or property. The special hose used is a strong but flexible pipe that has evenly spaced holes pre-punched throughout  at approximately 200 mm intervals.

The hose allows for replenishment of chemical (Termidor) in a much more efficient and less disruptive way that means the client does not need to have drilled holes in their concrete; the hose can be re-covered with pavers, etc. Each hose has a charging point where the replenishment box is housed and can span up to 10 meters in length between charging points.

It is recommended that reticulation is recharged with chemical every 5 years. When we refill the hose, we connect our high-powered chemical pump to the reticulation system and treat at a high pressure (100PSI). The chemical is then disbursed evenly through the soil via the existing holes in the reticulation hose, allowing the soil to be permeated by Termidor. This means we do not have to redisturb any landscaping, gardens, grass, or pavers. A reticulation system is a less labour intensive system for protecting a home, which can translate into cost savings for our customers.

Considering whether a reticulation system could help keep your property safe from termite invasion? Contact the friendly team on 1300 737 378!

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