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Why Dunrite?

Our technicians are on the road 6 days a week! Each with a significant number of years industry knowledge, with all our senior technicians having 20+ years experience. You know when you call Dunrite you’ll get the job Done Once, Dunrite!

We understand that finding termites in your home or on your property can be distressing! That’s why our team want to make sure your experience is excellent from start to finish.

To learn more about our team, visit the About Us page.

For a quote or to book your next service, phone us on 1300 737 378.

Our Services

Dunrite have been eradicating termites for over 27+ years. Our preferred method of treatment is the installation of a chemical barrier using Termidor.

Needing pest control for your home, business or investment property?

Dunrite will come and get the job Done Once, Dunrite. Our General Pest Control treats for Silverfish, Cockroaches, German Cockroaches and external webbing spiders .

Whilst inspection for termites in your home, our technicians can also test the quality of the air, and diagnose excessive moisture or mould growth.

Tracking & Treating Termites – The 3 Ts!

Dunrite only uses trusted chemicals and the best technology on the market!

Termatrac Microwave Tracking System

Termite tracking is an essential part of ensuring that your property is completely treated. As part of our inspection, Dunrite will track termites with the Termatrac Microwave Tracking System that provides precise information about where termites might be hiding in your home. From floorboards to walls, termite infestations are not always obvious, and so we make sure to be comprehensive and thorough in our analysis!

Termidor Chemical Treatment

Our team uses the best chemicals available to them, which includes Termidor! Unlike other chemicals, Termidor doesn’t deter termites when it is applied to your property; so while they continue to explore and invade, they are actually exposing themselves to the Termidor treatment. This is one of the fastest eradication methods that doesn’t simply push the termites away, but faces them head-on for lasting results!

Tramex Moisture Meter

Damp surfaces attract a variety of problems: termites, mould, and decay. By detecting hidden damp spots around your home, Dunrite can help safeguard you against subterranean termite infestations and indicate the level of threat based on the Tramex meter reading. We are also able to indicate the presence of additional threats to the safety and stability of your household, such as mould, rot, decay, discolouration, and fungal decay.

Testimonials What Our Customers Are Saying

Great job, their name says it all..! Absolutely top service and great local blokes!

I highly recommend Wayne and the team at Dunrite. We had multiple delays with other trades due to the weather and our timeline was affected for the pest control stage. Wayne was so flexible and accommodating, we were able to move things around and just like that, everything fell into place without any hassle. Thanks Dunrite team.

Always courteous and on time.

Haven’t let me down yet and I have been with them for years.

Check out more testimonials from out great customers here – we’re rated 5 stars on Google!

We TRUST Termidor! Dunrite have been operating for over 27+ years and have a 100% success rate using Termidor to treat termites!