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Frequently Asked Questions

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Myths & Misconceptions

The presence of black ants means there are no white ants

Incorrect! Black ants and termites can certainly co-exist on the same property.

Steel-framed homes cannot be invaded by termites

Even if termites can’t snack on metal foundations, they can still damage your timber fixtures (such as windows and doors), as well as furniture (bookshelves, tables, desks, etc)!

Ant capping protects homes from termites

All ant caps are intended to do is divert termites around the cap in order to better identify their presence and volume. Ant capping alone will not deter termites!

Termites cannot move along concrete

Termites certainly cannot chew through cement, but they can traverse it! Termites can make their way through tiny cracks in the cement that forms as a result of it settling, being exposed to the sun, or sitting around pipes and fixtures.

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