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Bed Bug Killer

Bed Bug Killer, developed by Bed Bug Barrier PTY LTD, is one component of a bed bug extermination solution. When coupled with preventative measures, such as mattress protection and barriers, the Bed Bug Killer powder can eradicate bed bugs quickly and effectively. By restricting the paths bed bugs can take on a mattress with a barrier, they are forced to walk through and interact with Bed Bug Killer, which destroys their protective exteriors and ultimately kills them. Bed Bug Killer is applied through a live powder application to areas frequented by bed bugs, usually in conjunction with a bed bug barrier for maximum effectiveness.


There are three core Biflex products that we may use in the treatment of termites and pests.

Biflex AquaMax is a multi-insecticide that is effective on a wide range of common household pests within Australia. The chemical is water-based and its benefits include that it is odourless, stainless, and non-allergenic. AquaMax is the first ever professional grade multi-purpose insecticide that can be applied pre- and post-construction. AquaMax is applied via trenching, rodding, reticulation, or spraying.

You can download the Biflex AquaMax brochure here.

Biflex Mikron features a particule size that is 200 times smaller than micro-encapsulated products. This increases the number of particles emitted by the solution and thus increases the rate of absorption as there is more product for insects to encounter. Mikron provides better coverage, better insect penetration, and clear formulation. It is effective in the treatment of flies, wasps, fleas, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, ants, and bed bugs. Mikron is applied with conventional spray equipment.

You can download the Biflex Mikron brochure here.

Biflex Ultra Lo Odour is a cost-effective termiticide with insecticide components. Primarily used for pre- and post-construction termite prevention techniques, Ultra Lo Odour is registered for the control of subterranean termites. Benefits include long-term results, nest eradication, cost effective, and broad spectrum applications. Ultra Lo Odour can also be used to treat domestic spiders, wasps, ants, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, and termites. Application is done through trenching, rodding, reticulation, and spraying.

You can download the Biflex Ultra Lo Odour brochure here.

Coopex Dust

Coopex Insecticidal Dusting Powder is a Group 3A insecticide. It can be used in the treatment of cockroaches, silverfish, ants, fleas, bed bugs, spiders, and some breeds of wasp and bee. The powder is applied into cracks and crevices where creatures may be hiding or sprinkled around visible nests. Particular attention should be shown to dark corners close to cookers, fireplaces, radiators, stores, pipes, rubbish chutes, and other difficult-to-reach areas where liquid sprays may not be used.

You can download the Coopex Dust safety directions here.


Fipronil 100 SC is a Group 2B, cost effective, non-repellent termiticide and insecticide formula for the control of household pests and termites. Fipronil is advised for most treatment protocols of subterranean termites. Application is through mixture with water and insertion into the pest zone via reticulation or drilling with injection methods.

You can download the Fipronil safety directions here.

Garrards Exterm-An-Ant

Exterm-An-Ant is a ready to use liquid bait formulation developed for the treatment of various ant species. Small quantities are applied near ant tracks and other food sources are removed, making the bait the only available source of nourishment. Ants that gather to feed from the Exterm-An-Ant bait are not instantly eradicated, but rather carry the chemical back to their nests and spread it among the population. From there, the chemical quickly overpowers and kills the infected ants. Baits can be refilled until all ants have been removed.

Generation First Strike

Generation First Strike is a rodent baiting station that contains Bitrex, a bittering agent. Pets and children are unlikely to approach the bitter bait, but can rapidly control rat or mice populations that have invaded the home. The dose can be determined by your Dunrite technician to match the level of rodent presence by adapting 10g pouch doses as needed. The bait is secured on vertical or horizontal rods inside the bait station and can be visually assessed to determine that the rodents are eating from the bait. The benefits of Generation First Strike include that it is small and easy to keep out of the way, is highly attractive to rodents, works fast, and maintains palpability even in harsh conditions such as the Australian heat.

You can download the Generation First Strike brochure here.

Goliath Gel

Goliath Cockroach Gel is a clean, odourless, and unobtrusive treatment that is highly effective in the prevention and treatment of domestic cockroaches. Goliath Gel enables full control over the cockroach populations in your home, with results visible as soon as the following day after application. The gel is also easily spready by cockroaches to other cockroaches in the nest, meaning that it is very quick at eradicating any infestations. Goliath Gel is applied in spots either 3-4mm in diameter (for German and brown-banded cockroaches) or 6mm in diameter (for American, smokey brown, Oriental, and Australian cockroaches).

You can download the Goliath Gel brochure here.


Optiguard Ant Bait Gel provides total ant colony control and completely annihilates ant nests. Optiguard can be used for indoor and outdoor ant colonies and is effective against black house ants, sugar ants, Argentine ants, and white-footed ants. Optiguard targets ants by using a bait ingredient (thiamethoxam) that entices ants to feed from the gel and then return to their nests, transferring infection. Since ant nests are difficult to access and target, this makes Optiguard a powerful ant treatment chemical.

You can download the Optiguard brochure here.

Phantom Insecticide

Phantom Insecticide boasts a major breakthrough in Australian pest control. The Phantom formula’s greatest strength is that it is undetectable to insects, meaning that treatment is thorough and unavoidable. Pests will interact with the chemical without sensing any danger and are quickly overcome by the toxins. Phantom Insecticide produces long-term results for controlling ant and cockroach populations, but can also be used in the treatment of silverfish, bed bugs, grain and flour beetles, and spiders.

You can download the Phantom Insecticide brochure here.

Phantom Pressurised

Phantom Pressurised Insecticide is applied with a pressurised dispenser unit and targets cracks and crevices that are difficult to reach. A nozzle should be used for direct spray application. Phantom Pressurised Insecticide is effective at treating infestations from ants, cockroaches, silverfish, bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes, grain pests, pill bugs, house crickets, web-spinning spiders, and moths. Application is done through spraying surfaces and nests or live spot treatment.

You can download the Phantom Pressurised Insecticide safety directions here.


Sundew Ant Silica (SAS) Pro is a professional granule ant killer. The active ingredient in SAS Pro is a non-repellent, fipronil-based formula. Ants will not avoid the chemical; rather, they will interact with SAS Pro and track the toxins back to their nest, where other ants are infected. The chemical works quickly to poison ants and their nests. SAS Pro should be used in external areas that are hard to treat with traditional sprays (i.e. garden beds, between pavers, compost heaps, lawns, etc) and is applied via sweeping or scooping.

You can download the SAS Pro brochure here.

Seal Multi-Purpose Active

Seal Multi-Purpose Active is a component of the TERM-seal Active Barrier System. On curing, it forms a flexible waterproof barrier that helps prevent termite entry and invasion. TERM-seal is a polymer-based and highly durable termite solution that guards not just against termites, but also moisture that attracts them. TERM-seal can be applied through traditional termite treatment protocols, such as reticulation and drilling with injection.


Selontra Soft Bait rodenticide rapidly controls rodent populations with an innovative baiting technique. Selontra has a low risk of non-target poisoning, highly palatable only to rats and mice. Selontra is a stable non-anticoagulant that relies on a naturally occurring active ingredient. This means that, when compared to first and second generation anticoagulents, Selontra results in a favourable environmental profile. Application is through baiting stations that should be placed in areas highly frequented by target pests. Selontra is effective in the treatment of rats, mice, and rodents.

You can download the Selontra Soft Bait brochure here.

Shield Rite

Shield Rite is a shielding gas that includes carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen. These active gases protect areas from oxygen and water vapour, preventing moisture gathering and attracting residential pests such as subterranean termites.

Storm Secure

Storm Secure is a highly potent single feed anticoagulent in a securable bait block that targets mice and rat populations that have invaded the home. Storm Secure contains flocoumafen, which is lethal in a single feed dose. Treatment is fast, effective, and does not require much labour due to the highly potent nature of the formula. Storm Secure is useful for the treatment of all rat and mice breeds in a residential or commercial setting. Application is through placement of the baiting blocks in locations where the target pests are frequently seen.

You can download the Storm Secure brochure here.


Temprid-SC provides protection for your home as well as the residential perimeter around your property. Temprid controls common household pests with an emphasis on ant treatment. Not only does Temprid target ants, but also insects such as aphids, scales, and mealybugs that produce honeydew, the food source most preferred by ants. By targeting all of these insects, re-infestation can be controlled for. Temprid SC is unbeatable when it comes to speed and reliability, as well as excelling at guaranteeing long-term results. Temprid SC should be used to treat ant infestations, as well as other common pest and spider invasions.

You can download the Temprid brochure here.


Termidor have an extensive range of termiticide and insecticide treatments intended for the quick and effective removal of pest populations on residential or commercial land. Termidor has many products, some of which include:

Termidor Dry Termiticide & Insecticide, also known as Termidor Dust, is intended for subterranean termites. Termidor Dust is a fipronil-based termite killer that is applied through drilling and injection techniques. Termidor Dust is effective at treating outdoor populations of termites in trees, posts, stumps, power poles, timber bridges, mounds, and wall cavities.

You can download the Termidor Dry Termiticide & Insecticide safety directions here.

Termidor Foam Termiticide & Insecticide is used for controlling populations of subterranean and drywood termites. Unlike Termidor Dust, Termidor Foam is applied using a shake and spray foaming technique. In some instances, holes may be drilled to access known nest areas that cannot be reached. Termidor Foam is effective in the treatment of outdoor subterranean termites in trees, posts, stumps, power poles, timber bridges, mounds, and wall cavities.

You can download the Termidor Foam Termiticide & Insecticide safety directions here.

Termidor HE Residual Insecticide is a high-efficiency formula that makes it easy to create a uniform treatment zone with reduced impact on the overall property site. Proprietary Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) enhances the transmission of the active ingredient into the soil, providing improved protection. Termidor HE reduces the need for disruptive digging and drilling, relying on flexible holes that can be drilled wider apart to reduce the amount of soil disturbed. Trenches can be shallower and treatment times are, on average, 33% shorter.

You can download the Termidor HE Residual Insecticide brochure here.

Termidor Residual Insecticide is a non-repellent termiticide, like all other branches of Termidor product. The Termidor Residual Insecticide is a general purpose, fipronil-based termiticide that has well-supported literature and trials that show its efficacy and reliability. A low dose produces long-term results and manages colonies faster than any baiting system. Application is done through reticulation or drilling and injecting into the soil where subterranean termites live.

You can download the Termidor Residual Insecticide brochure here.


With a variety of termite treatments available on the market, it’s hard to find reliable education sources. Dunrite, as a pest and termite control service, know which chemicals get the job Done Once, Dunrite. Termiticide treatments, such as Termidor, are currently the most effective solution to termite problems. Termiticides block and treat even the smallest entry points; it can be used on live termites, or as a preventative measure.

Termites are industrious and persistent when it comes to seeking food. It is vital that the right steps are taken to prevent re-invasion. Termiticide treatments have been rigorously tested and shown to be effective at preventing termites long-term, not just removing them temporarily. Dunrite’s termite and pest control service blocks the smallest perforations in the soil surrounding your home to ensure that termites will not sneak their way inside.

Termiticide treatments by Dunrite have a 50-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing your termite problem is well and truly in the past. Call today on 1300 737 378 to get a quote on our termiticide treatments.

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