Termx Replenishment System (TRS) in Wonglepong

Dunrite Termite Reticulation Pipe Hose

A Termx Replenishment System (TRS) is a perforated hose installed under the soil surrounding the dwelling. Dunrite installs a reticulation system when a constant supply of protection, such as a termiticide, is needed. TRS is required to be recharged every 5 years with Termidor for the ultimate strategy that keeps your property safe from termites! We will often install TRS where a chemical barrier is not a viable option; this could be in an area where a deck or paved patio is due to be built. Because the pipes are laid underneath the ground, the only part of the system that is visible is a charging point.

The pipes that we install underground, often referred to as a ‘hose’, are strong and flexible. The pipe has small holes cut into its surface every 200mm or so that lets the chemicals inside seep into the soil. Termidor is one of the most effective chemicals currently available and Dunrite’s go-to for making sure that TRS installation is done once, Dunrite!

Dunrite Termite Reticulation System Installation

Generally, a reticulation system can last for up to five years but should be checked regularly during your annual pest inspection. TRS is a great defence against termites because it provides a constant output of chemicals around the area that termites cannot avoid. Termidor does not work like other termiticide chemicals; rather than deflect termites, and thus not eradicate them, it is undetectable. Termites will then return to their nests, and the remainder of the colony, and track the chemical with them — meaning the Termidor gets to work straight away.

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