Subterranean Chemical Barriers in White Patch

Dunrite Chemical Termite Barrier Installation

Dunrite Termite & Pest Control technicians are trained extensively in the implementation of subterranean chemical barriers. We use Termidor, one of the most effective termite chemicals currently available. Unlike other barrier chemicals, Termidor does not repel termites from the treatment and delay their invasion. Termites will interact with the Termidor barrier naturally, which enables the chemicals to take effect and eradicate termites quicker and without being detected.

The procedure for arming your home with a subterranean chemical barrier involves just that: going subterranean! Dunrite technicians will drill small holes around your home and inject Termidor into the ground. This then spreads underneath the concrete slab, offering deep protection. The chemical permeates the soil well beneath the concrete where the termites pass through the toxins.

Dunrite Termite Chemical Barrier

A chemical termite barrier is a great option for protecting your home against termite invasion. Termidor is incredibly effective at killing termites and eradicating colonies. A chemical barrier can be used reactively (when you notice that there are already termites on your property or in your home) or as a preventative measure for any future termites. Termites cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to Australian homes every year! Prevention with a chemical barrier is going to save thousands of dollars in comparison to repairing and replacing timbers following a termite invasion.

Because Termidor cannot be detected by termites, they ingest the product when they eat or pick it up onto their bodies when they walk through it, and then traverse it back to their nests. Being social insects who feed and groom one another, the termites will unknowingly take the Termidor back to the nest and kill off the rest of the colony.

Termidor will eradicate termite colonies on your property without leaving any fuss or mess. This means that you won’t be left with foul smells or residue that is dangerous to your pets – Yes! Termidor is safe to be administered around a home with young children or animals. Concerned about Termidor around your pets or children? See our FAQ’s!

Dunrite will only drill holes into areas covered with concrete or tiles, as the soil cannot be accessed directly. Small plugs are used after the treatment is injected to maintain the aesthetic appearance of your home. Where we can patch the concrete for a more discrete look, we will. Worried about how drill holes might look in your tiles or pavers? Clear silicone can be used to patch up holes in tiles – leaving the area looking untouched.

House on a slab but surrounded by garden beds? Great! Our technicians will carefully trench the garden, creating an area for the soil to be directly treated with Termidor. Because the chemical has no odour or colour, and is injected low into the ground, once our technicians have replaced the soil no one would even know a chemical barrier had been installed.

Once the chemical barrier has been installed, a durable notice will be placed in the meter box of the home and under the kitchen sink. This notice advises the owner and any property inspector of the chemical treatment, the method used, the chemical used, and the warranty period of the barrier. Most chemical barriers come with an 8 year warranty – subject to annual inspections.

Each chemical barrier installation comes complete with a barrier certificate, which is a great advantage when selling a property. This certificate, complete with a diagram, shows the complete work done, including where each method was completed, how much chemical was required, as well as other details relating to the installation.

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We TRUST Termidor! Dunrite have been operating for over 27+ years and have a 100% success rate using Termidor to treat termites!