Pre-Construction Kordon in Doomben

Pre-Construction Kordon in Doomben

Kordon products can be a great termite protection strategy for renovations or extensions to a property, as well as part of the pre-construction stages of a new building!

Licensed Kordon installers, Dunrite, will come up with a solution to keep your home protected from termite ingress that involves protecting pipes or exposed slab with Kordon products. For residential and commercial properties, Kordon will provide the protection you are looking for – and it won’t cost the Earth to have installed! It will ensure protection to the property as part of an existing termite management program.

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Kordon Termite Barrier is fully compliant with the Australian Building Code and Australian Standards. With a history of rigorous testing and data collection, Kordon can also be guaranteed to last a minimum of 10 years. This warranty is included with every Kordon installation. This is what makes it incredibly effective and competitive, which is why Dunrite use Kordon.

Kordon Termite Barrier uses deltamethrin, which is a type of termiticide lethal to termites. This barrier repels termites so that they are unlikely to even approach the area in the first place. This is a great choice for pre-construction as part of a new build or to ensure your renovation or extension remains protected.

Kordon is installed as a physical termite barrier. This is a strong deterrant to termites and prevents them from seeking access to your home from underneath the slab, which is where most subterranean termites strike from.

Does Kordon Leach?

Kordon Termite Barrier uses a specific type of termiticide that is not water-soluble. Over the course of eleven years, Kordon has been tested and observed in contact with damp soil and water, and has shown no detrimental effects. The termiticide membrane application used in Kordon is incredible strong, durable, and flexible. We know that termites prefer damp areas and so we make sure we have the tools to defend properly against them. Kordon Termite Barrier is one of many preventative measures we can take to ensure your property is safe!

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