Indoor Air Quality in Sanctuary Cove

Dunrite Mould

Dunrite’s fearless leader, Steve Annells, is a qualified master technician in the Goldmorr system. Treatments under the Goldmorr system include cold fogging to eliminate mould spores and bacteria from a contaminated home. Mould residue can be cleaned, as well as the stains left behind, to improve a home’s quality and the health of its occupants.

It is common for mould to grow in shaded, damp areas of the home, such as bathrooms. Mould spores can be harmful to immuno-compromised inhabitants, as well as those with respiratory conditions (such as Asthma). There are many DIY formulas for treating mould, but these are temporary and likely to result in a resurgency of contamination at the site. The source of mould needs to be addressed, which is where Dunrite technicians can assist. We track down the root of the issue, whether it is poor ventilation or lack of sunlight, to prevent mould from returning.

Dunrite Mould in Bathroom

Common culprits that promote mould growth include little sunlight filtering into a room, high density of trees around the property, or leaking pipes and taps (which may require plumbing input). Ventilation contributes a lot to issues with mould, as poor air circulation is conducive to low quality atmosphere and mould growth.

Indoor air quality testing is recommended before and after treatment to further assess the safety of your property.

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