Air Conditioner Services in Canunga

Air Conditioner Services in Canunga

Many of us use our air-conditioning units all year round, either for heating or cooling. Dunrite can ensure that the air that is warming or cooling your home is clean and not contaminated when we deep clean and sanitize your split system. A dirty air conditioner system not only produces harmful air, but can also become inoperable as build-up traps the cold air inside the unit which eventually freezes the coils.

Our air conditioner service will include the removal of all debris, dirt, mould, and bacteria from the air conditioning system. Dunrite technicians will also clean all fans and filters, sanitise the internal unit, and deodorise the unit. This ensures that your unit is producing clean, fresh air. We can also service commercial air conditioning units in the workplace, which preserves the health of employers and employees alike.

Dunrite Filter Mould

Systems can become virtually self-cleaning with a few careful steps you can ask your Dunrite technician about. We can conduct a thorough clean of all cooling system components with a true colloid chemical (food-grade). We can then apply a solution that is:

  • Super hydrophilic
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-static
  • Anti-fungal

Components coated with this solution can also enable the unit to operate at increased efficiency for up to two years. This saves you money in the long-term and ensures that your system is running smoothly and comfortably.

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