Dunrite Pest Control – Special Skill Set

Have you ever wondered why some people/companies quote a job or treatment for you and sometimes you think, wow. How good is that and when can you get started? Sometimes a quote will leave you looking for somewhere to sit down before you fall down and bring me another drink !

Where is the consistency and what are the differences? This brings me to a story about an old engineer who was called to a bothersome job many miles from home. The factory owner was happy to pay the old engineer plenty of dollars for travelling the distance to fix his mighty money making machine, because several others had tried to fix the problem but failed. Of course, the machine didn’t literally make money, but the factory owner wasn’t making any money with his massive machine not working. So back to the old engineer; he flies into town with his bag of tools and a car is waiting to pick him up at the airport. He is well known and very important and the old engineer is there to do an important job. The old engineer gets to the factory and the factory owner is surprised and alarmed to see the old engineer has such a small tool bag when the other four engineers that had previously attended to the job had a truck load of tools and still couldn’t fix his big money machine. They had spent hours and hours trying but to no avail.

The old engineer was short of words but politely introduced himself to the factory owner. The old engineer’s reputation was well known as a man of few words but could fix any machine, so the factory owner gave the old engineer a brief explanation of what his money machine wasn’t doing and explained he had paid four other engineers a lot of money and the problem still wasn’t fixed. The old engineer turned the machine on, only to hear it hum. There was no sound expected to be heard from a machine that made a lot of money, just a dull hum. No clacking, donking, bonking, banging, grinding or any other noise. Just a hum.

The old engineer walked around the large machine for about 10 minutes or so, leaning in to look and to listen occasionally. Then he reached into his small tool bag and extracted a rather small hammer. The hammer he swung with little effort against the machine, just one. The machine burst into life and made all the noises you would expect to hear from such a big money making machine. The factory owner stood bewildered, his gaze fixed to the little old engineer who fixed his money making machine that no one else could fix. The little old engineer pulled out an invoice from his bag and handed it to the factory owner. The factory owner looked at the invoice, found a chair to sit down in and ordered his secretary to get him a drink. The factory owner asks the old engineer to explain why his invoice was $10,000 and the other engineers were only going to charge him $5000. The old engineer had only used a hammer, why so much? The old engineer explained; The hammer was for free, the travel was for free, the time on site looking at the money making machine was also free. So what cost $10,000 the factory owner asked in a panic. The old engineer said; Knowing where to hit the machine is what cost you $10,000. That is what has taken me my life to learn.

There are plenty of technicians that can do a treatment on your house, probably your biggest investment, but how many of them will do the job right? Dunrite is not the most expensive company to do your treatment and we certainly don’t expect to be the cheapest. Dunrite is middle of the road on price but top end on treatments, service, reliability and professionalism.

Dunrite has a 100% success rate for the past 16+ years treating termites. This is how long we have been using Termidor SC. We are also certified to use Termidor HE. We can now drill our treatment zone at 450mm intervals. Not all technicians are certified in Termidor SC and a whole lot fewer are certified is Termidor HE. We include a copy of our insurance certificate with our quote. (A must) All treatment paperwork and certifications of treatment are sent within 48 hours of the treatment and the warranty stays with the house if you choose to sell later. Done Once – DunRite

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